Sure, of course you can.

If you would like to run a test now, see which will give you a quick head start to test latency.

However, when testing please remember that:

  • Publishing over a Realtime connection offers the lowest possible publish latencies. REST publishes may be slower for your first request as a TLS TCP/IP connection is established, however once the client library has established an HTTP connection, that connection will be reused for subsequent publishes without the overhead of establishing a TLS TCP/IP connection.
  • Measuring latency of a REST publish is not a good way to measure message publish and receive latency.  Instead, you should perform end-to-end testing, with a publish and subscribe operation i.e. measuring how long it takes for a message to be received after being published.
  • Publishing messages on channels without any subscribers will add latency.  However, read why this does not ever impact real-world performance.
  • We continuously measure our latencies globally using real browsers.  View our global latencies.