Ably uniquely is able to offer our customers a 100% uptime SLA guarantee.  However, whilst we sincerely aim to deliver on this guarantee, it is possible that issues outside of our control will result in Ably failing to meeting this guarantee.

Should this happen, every customer of Ably will be entitled to a refund calculated as follows:

  • For each hour of downtime in any one calendar month, customers will receive a refund equivalent to one day of customer’s pro-rated Net MRC for that month.
  • Downtime or unavailability is measured from the time the applicable trouble ticket is received and the downtime or unavailability is validated by Ably using its internal monitoring tools to the time Ably resolves the issue.
  • Customers may not receive more than one service credit per incident and in no event will you receive greater than one month’s Net MRC in service credits for any given month regardless of the number of incidents.

Net MRC means in respect of real-time services, the monthly recurring charge for the affected service experiencing the issue, but excluding any optional services or additional messages that are not included as part of the standard monthly package but are included as part of the customer’s monthly recurring charge.