Ably is a globally meshed realtime service that is hosted within Amazon's cloud infrastructure.  

We have our servers distributed across more than 14 physical data centres so that we can achieve our two primary goals for Ably:

  • Deliver the lowest possible latency for connected clients anywhere in the world.
    Note that clients are automatically connected to the nearest data centre to reduce latency.
  • Provide maximum possible continuity of service and data redundancy through the use of our unique clustered mesh design.  
    Note that each of our 14 data centres are physically isolated from each other ensuring that a failure in one data centre has no effect on any other data centre. 

Our servers are in the following geographic locations in 2 or more separate data centres for each location:

  • United States
    • North Virginia (US East)
    • Northern California (US West)
  • Europe
    • Ireland (Northern Europe)
    • Germany (Central Europe)
  • Asia Pacific
    • Singapore (Central Asia)
    • Australia (Australasia)

You can see the status of our data centres by region at https://status.ably.io/

See the global round-trip latencies for Ably